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This page updated Oct. 19

The Best Leads

Rocket fuel for your direct marketing efforts!

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Create a Shortlist, swap credits and start reaching out

Up To 15 Datapoints per lead!

Email, business social media, websites and more! Making it easier than ever to build real relationships with new clients.

Email will bounce... we promise!

Bounce Assurance

Undeliverable email is a fact of life. We hate it too, so we give you bounce credits right up front!

We test our data before offering it to you. Next, we eliminate any bad records and then give you a credit up front based on our own bounce rates during testing. Nobody does that, because it's crazy!

We get it... time is precious.

Too Busy To Search?

Sometimes, you just want the data right now. We make that option available with a single click.

Our system generates a truly random list of leads on demand, up to the full amount of credits remaining in your account. Mange your leads in our free business tools, or download for use in your favorite CRM. It's your data, so use it your way.

Search engines and free data plans got you down?

Super Simple Search

We've already finished the hard part by sifting and sorting through countless industry codes, websites, job titles and more. We continually refine our data by monitoring and adjusting our in-house algorithms and by working closely with our data partners to bring the most relevant leads to the platform.

*At launch, we're focused on US based contacts. Don't worry, we plan to expand into other countries and regions as soon as possible.

Free Business Tools beta 1.0

Tools to track as much, or as little data as you like!

Tons of useful tools

Track... Everything!

From your Leads, Prospects and Clients, to your auditions, bookings and income. Save as much or as little detail as you choose.

Work in light mode, or choose dark mode and give your eyes a break.

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Drop your name and email address here and we'll let you know when we go live!

We won't spam you, sell your information or give it to anyone else. At VOLeads, your data is always YOUR data.

Membership Requirements

A professional service, created exclusively for Pro level voice talent

Professional VO Website

You must have a professional VO website that is under your control. Example: "MyVOsite.com". Sorry, no freelance, free one page websites, P2P or other hosted profiles accepted.

Email Matches Website

You don't have to use it, but your registration email address must match your website domain name, like: "me@MyVOsite.com".
Sorry, no free email accounts, like gmail or hotmail accepted for registration purposes.

Quality VO Demos

You must have high quality VO demos available, and easily accessible on your website. Your demos should be professionally produced, free of background noise and demonstrate solid VO performance.

Why these requirements?

We sincerely wish that we could work with everyone, but not everyone is ready to begin direct marketing. You only get one shot at a first impression, and if you're not ready, you'll waste time and treasure that could be better used for coaching, improving your recording space and producing quality demos!

We want you to be successful! If your registration is declined, we will explain why and direct you to well respected industry resources who can help you get ready to market yourself and your services.

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