How It Works

Business Contact Database

Our database is loaded with likely voice over buyers, nationwide. You are searching VOLeads data for people to connect with at these companies. You can also add your own companies and contacts, and can even add your own contacts to the VOLeads records. Don't worry, we keep everything secure and separate. Your data is always your data.

Searching for Leads

This has been made super simple and will save you a ton of time. We did the heavy lifting on searching, sifting and filtering for you. Your focus is on working your way through our dataset, clicking through to prospective lead websites and confirming that you want to trade a credit for that specific lead. It's never been more easy to source leads.

I have all these leads, now what?

At this stage, you will begin reaching out to the contacts you have unlocked. Your goal is to receive a "warm response", or a message that the contact/company has added you to their roster. If this happens, congratulations! Go to the company page and set the contact type to "Prospect". This status will also update automatically for any company that you store an audition for.

Once you connect...

Once you connect with a company, all of your activity will occur on the Company Page for each record. This is where you record conversations, make notes, record auditions and bookings and view reports.

When you search VOLeads, you are searching for an individual contact to connect you to a Company. We'll give you up to 15 data points to help you do this.

Keep track of detailed auditions by storing them for each company. Keep track of as much, or as little detail as you choose.

Booked it? Congratulations! Convert any existing Audition to a Booking and add more details.

The first of its kind, hyper detailed, Voice Over booking system. We built this for you, and we hope you love it! Add as much or as little detail as you choose.

  • wysiwyg Script Editor
  • Large format, scrolling script Reader
  • Detailed billables, with add-on charges
  • Booking Status Tracking

We give you a number of tools to customize the individual company records. Here just are a few...

  • Add your own Companies and Contacts to VOLeads
  • Select Genre types per company
  • Store links for directed sessions, Source Connect and more
  • Add your own billing information per company
  • Customize dropdown lists for job types and job sources (available in all forms)

Each Company record includes up to 7 website and business social media links, providing all the connection points you should need to establish a new business relationship.

Coming soon, a comprehensive reporting suite to track more information than you'll ever need.


Credits are the currency used to acquire individual leads. One credit equals one lead, or individual contact unlock. Credits may be purchased via a monthly subscription or as a one time purchase. All subscriptions become month to month after an initial 90 day commitment, so no long term contracts required!

Additional credits may be added any time, even as a boost to an existing subscription. This allows you to increase your outreach efforts based on seasons, your availability, market conditions, etc.

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