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Cookies are a common feature used on almost all websites. The most common use of cookies is to remember your site settings and preferences, so you don't need to make these selections every time you come back!

A cookie is a small variable that is saved by your browser to allow a website to recognize it and to store some information about your preferences. Cookies are used for different reasons, including helping you to stay logged in to your account, measuring visits on our site, recognizing and remembering your preferences and showing you personalized ads.

VOLeads Cookies

Note: Many cookies are set/unset based upon user interaction with the website, and on specific website sections (where cookies are required).
Cookies are set per device & browser. If another device/browser is used to access the site, previous cookies are lost and will be set on the new device/browser.

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You are likely to encounter the following cookies and or local storage items when using our website. This list will be appended as the needs of the website change through upgrades and feature additions.

Cookie Usage Period  
token User Account Encryption/Security 365 days Required
token User Purchases Encryption/Security 365 days Required
cart_id Customer cart id (required for orders) 365 days Required
*SESSIONID* How all websites track your active presence and navigation of the site Per Session Required
1p__JAR Hash unique identifier used by Google Analytics 30 days Required
_ga Hash unique identifier used by Google Analytics 60 days Required
_ga_ZTCQKLDWTZ Hash unique identifier used by Google Analytics 60 days Required
app-theme-dark-mode Stored only when you select dark mode in the application 365 days Optional
theme-panel-expand Related to user preference for dark mode viewing in the application 365 days Optional
__gdpr GDPR - Cookie acknowledgement/consent 365 days Optional
urefx Referrals - Persistent record for tracking User referrals Persistent Optional

VOLeads Cookies

We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and store personalized site settings for you.

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